BS BTP – Independence and Competence

BETON SYSTEM BTP is a specialized company in Civil Engineering, the Building industry and roads, Bridges, highways. We follow our customers in all Cameroon.

«Satisfaction of the Customer is our primary goal»


Development, values, hot lines


We search a development of the company, but also a development comparable with the activity of engineering applied. Besides us to adapt to the evolutions, we controlled them while working on major projects.
Behind these developments, there are people who act together and work according to the same principles. In the future, we will continue seek for challenges.


Besides our commitment towards quality and conformity, our catalogue of values understands a commitment towards the mutual respect and the exclusion of any form of discrimination.

Hot lines

While treating with the direction and all the employees, we feel attached to the idea of co-operation, transparency and commitment in a spirit of user-friendliness, in favour of our contractual customers and partners.